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SwiftComply: The Engine of Sustainable Change in Governance

Top 10 Government Tech Startups in Europe - 2020

As the fourth industrial revolution dawned on us, unprecedented advancements in terms of technology are helping the world to reshape in a more intuitive and integrated manner. While these technologies are remodelling the private sector, they do reverberate in the public sectors as well. Government institutions are widely incorporating these emerging technologies to reap their maximum benefits–digital equity, reduce costs, optimize workflows, invoke institutional agility, and improve outcomes for citizens and businesses.

Government institutions are currently focusing in augmenting their operations by embracing cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. Authorities are responding AI as both users and regulators, and thereby helping to shape better societies. Moreover, they are leveraging unique digital identifiers that are opening the door to integrated data and a seamless experience for the citizens. They are also enabling dramatic leaps in service quality, efficiency gains, and subsequently propelling citizens towards a digital delivery model. Furthermore, these sophisticated technologies have allowed government institutions to use behavioural science to nudge citizens and simultaneously improve the government’s income. This has enabled them to generate better outcomes, cut down costs, and foster respect for the human autonomy.

Furthermore, adaptive security approach is helping the public sector to anticipates risks and mitigate them, thus bolstering security and building trust in an uncertain cyber threat environment. In fact, the adoption of digital citizen identity procedures by government has helped to prove any individual’s identity via any government authorised channel available to citizens. This plays a pivotal role for inclusion and access to government services. Besides, the government’s attempt to interact with the masses through multichannel is helping them stay connected with the citizens and help them meet their program outcomes.

In order to assist public sector institutions in the task of finding accomplished technology companies, we have compiled this issue of Govt CIO Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 government tech startups in Europe to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the government landscape. We hope this issue of Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We bring to you Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Government Tech Startups in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Government Tech Startups in Europe

  • SwiftComply promotes the implementation of sustainable governance through its robust collaboration solutions. The company is on a mission to protect public health and the environment. SwiftComply’s solutions are designed to simplify compliance, enabling cities to modernise their operations and future-proof their compliance programs against the changing regulatory landscape. Its solutions go beyond simple data management and compliance, allowing the customers to do more with their data by providing customisable reports and dashboards. These solutions in a win-win for all stakeholders as it reduces friction, improves customer experience, and delivers improved compliance outcomes

  • bee smart city

    bee smart city

    bee smart city is a community of smart people, which globally exchange smart city solutions and best practices to empower intelligent cities through an online platform, efficiently connecting cities, communities, solutions providers and other smart city actors. The mission of bee smart city is to empower smart sustainable cities by facilitating the global exchange of best practice solutions and lessons learned

  • CitizenLab


    CitizenLab helps local governments around the world to take better informed decisions. The company continuously and automatically crowdsource, moderate & analyse client's citizens'​ inputs. CitizenLab's civic engagement software lets cities tap into the collective intelligence of the citizens and become more responsive to their citizens’ needs

  • Convaise


    Convaise offers a cloud based software solution to help public administrations and corporates with simplifying administrative communication processes by complementing forms, requests and applications with interactive AI based digital assistants

  • goUrban


    goUrban provides all the technology needed for operators to run their fleet and service.. Leveraging the very own experience as an operator in Vienna, goUrban has proven to be a revenue multiplier across three continents thanks to cloud based software with a dashboard for monitoring, a user app for travel access and a service app for maintenance staff

  • Hopstay


    Hopstay's solution helps cities optimise customer support & improve urban experience through smart digital assistants (chatbots & voicebots). Cities use the company's framework to more efficiently process complaints, queries & tasks that are otherwise painful & tedious for citizens



    ICEYE is building a satellite-based service to provide the world with access to near-real-time imagery from space. The company's synthetic aperture radar (SAR) instrument can capture images through clouds, darkness and other obscuring elements, making it more reliable for operational use than optical camera systems

  • MatchX


    MatchX manufacturers superior LPWAN Hardware and Software, delivering comprehensive IoT Cloud and Reporting Solutions across diverse domains. At MatchX, the focus is to deliver a robust End-to-End IoT network solution that facilitates data transmission over ranges of up to 35 km using LPWAN (Low Power, Wide Area Network) technology

  • Mileus


    Mileus creates new possibilities for urban mobility by interconnecting the best from the world of public transport and ride-hailing services. The aim of this intermodal mobility solution is to reduce congestion and pollution in cities, increase comfort for commuters as well as public transport ridership, all the while improving vehicle utilization for ride-hailing operators. Mileus provides B2B and B2G transactional and analytical technology that enables automated interoperability between transit/public transport and on-demand TNC/ride-hailing service resulting in on-demand transit. With deep integration between the two modes, residents are presented with an option which is more comfortable than plain mass public transportation but cheaper than ride-hailing or taxi service alone. Thus, motivating citizens to leave their private cars at home

  • Suiphos


    Suiphos strives to deliver a full maintenance operational platform for all IoT assets in the private sector while providing the public sector full awareness, control, and understanding about the urban technology deployed in the city and required maintenance to avoid IoTrash