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Mick O’Dwyer, Founder & CEO, SwiftComplyMick O’Dwyer, Founder & CEO If one considers the progress of human civilisation in the last few decades, digital transformation, by far and large, can be regarded as the most critical change engine. However, no two industries deploy this change engine with equal tenacity. Take the public sector as an instance. Compared to other industries, digitalisation has not gained significant traction in the public sector. As a result, many of the public sector organisations are plagued by legacy issues even today. In the water and wastewater regulation space, for example, the lack of innovation is leading to inherent administrative friction and the communication gap between regulators and water treatment plants (the regulated). To reduce this friction and promote collaboration, the company that is now reinventing the technological ‘engine of change’ for the public sector with its industry-leading solutions is SwiftComply. Led by CEO Mick O’Dwyer’s vision of fostering sustainable governance through technology, SwiftComply quite certainly makes compliance a swift affair.

“We are promoting hassle-free collaboration across the entire governance network through our digital solutions, which helps in optimising time-consuming processes and facilitating seamless communication among the stakeholders,” says O’Dwyer. The company delivers engaging and straightforward software designed to foster long-term collaboration between the users, specifically regulatory agencies and their customers. According to O’Dwyer, the manual management of compliance data can be quite challenging and cumbersome for regulators. They have to collect vast volumes of data, analyse it, and then, utilise it in their regulatory strategies. This is where SwiftComply is able to steer a world of difference. Notably, SwiftComply is currently equipping both wastewater/water regulators and the water treatment plants, with the latest digital technology to re-energise the water services regulation sector.

Tackling the FOG and Backflow Challenges

The primary focus points of SwiftComply have been in fats, oils, and grease (FOG) management and backflow prevention. One of the main problems faced by municipalities is the accumulation of FOG in wastewater systems, which often leads to overflow. Along with this, the lack of backflow prevention can result in contamination of usable water.

With SwiftComply’s FOG management and backflow prevention solutions, users can easily interpret the critical data points and take a more strategic approach in their long-term regulatory planning and prevention

With SwiftComply’s FOG management and backflow prevention solutions, users can easily interpret the critical data points and take a more strategic approach in their long-term regulatory planning and prevention. Furthermore, the data points can help them in having more insightful interactions with customers, thus driving a positive behavioural change and building personalised customer campaigns. “We are helping users shift from a reactive to a proactive approach toward compliance,” affirms O’Dwyer.

Besides, SwiftComply’s offerings go beyond just simple data management and compliance monitoring. One of the cornerstones of its FOG software is cemented around ‘better collaboration’ and, therefore, it can harness the power of data and help generate customisable reports. The regulators can seamlessly upload their compliance records directly to SwiftComply’s city database. It allows regulators to keep track of compliant customers and eliminate the need for in-person inspections. Regulators, as a result, can prioritise their work according to the risk factors. On the other hand, SwiftComply’s backflow prevention solutions enable backflow managers to unite their teams around unified and standardised tools and processes. The regulators can easily access real-time reports and dashboards, which, in turn, allow them to track compliance initiatives of the stakeholders.

To further augment these functionalities, SwiftComply is continually improving upon its existing technology. The company provides water treatment plants with a free online directory containing information that can help them discover, connect, and contract certified local water testers.

These solutions are win-win for all stakeholders as it can reduce friction, improve customer experience, and deliver improved compliance outcomes. The company is also conducting numerous customer interviews to understand their unique challenges and come up with robust solutions. To this extent, SwiftComply has recently released the beta version of its new backflow prevention software to provide customers with greater flexibility and better customisation, while enhancing its annual reporting and many other user-friendly features.

Introducing Innovation and Intuitiveness into Water Regulation

Further elaborating on the capabilities SwiftComply’s solutions, O’Dwyer mentions the case study of Gresham’s Water Regulatory Services. The client had to manage the FOG program while establishing different processes across its multibusiness program. However, they faced several challenges in finding effective ways to track and compile an annual report on employee time spent, as well as monitor the performance of their program. Realising the magnitude of such a project, the client sought help from SwiftComply. The client was able to successfully move all their businesses to online reporting, which not only enabled them to minimise staff time but also eliminate the human errors that came with paper-based reporting. According to the client, SwiftComply was quick, easy, and intuitive to use, enabling the client to expand their programs beyond their prior boundaries.

Such successes have only fuelled SwiftComply’s motivation to contribute more to society. As the need for sustainability and carbon neutrality continues to grow worldwide, SwiftComply is aiming to become the key driver for the FOG circular economy. In the UK, the company is already looking to create a shift towards a more sustainable model, collaborating with like-minded stakeholders and solution providers. The water industry is the first sector in the UK to commit to ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions by 2030, and SwiftComply plans to do its part in supporting this change. “Our greater mission is beyond our day-to-day businesses and core activities; we want to use our platform and status as thought leaders to drive positive change, especially where the environment is involved,” concludes O’Dwyer.

- Aaron Pierce
    August 12, 2020
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Mick O’Dwyer, Founder & CEO

SwiftComply promotes the implementation of sustainable governance through its robust collaboration solutions. The company is on a mission to protect public health and the environment. SwiftComply’s solutions are designed to simplify compliance, enabling cities to modernise their operations and future-proof their compliance programs against the changing regulatory landscape. Its solutions go beyond simple data management and compliance, allowing the customers to do more with their data by providing customisable reports and dashboards. These solutions in a win-win for all stakeholders as it reduces friction, improves customer experience, and delivers improved compliance outcomes